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    Where can I purchase Noms the Fish?

    Noms the Fish is available directly through our website here. You can also purchase the game through the following distributors:

    • IndieVania
    • IndieCity
    • LittleIndie

    What age group is Noms the Fish most appropriate for?

    Noms the Fish has content appropriate for viewing by all ages. The gameplay is recommended for ages 6 and up. We collaborated with industry specialists in kids & video games to ensure the game is kid appropriate.

    Are game updates free?

    Yes, game updates will always be free.

    Will my demo saved game carry over to the full version?

    Yes, your saved game from the demo version will carry over to the full version. You do not need to do anything special.

    Where is my save game located?

    The save game file (game.sav) is located in your User/AppData/Local/Noms folder. You may have to turn on the ability to see hidden files and folders. Instructions for Windows 7 are located here.

    How can I delete my save game and start new?

    Delete the game.sav file from the folder listed in the question above. A new save game will automatically be created the next time you launch the game.

    If I uninstall the game, will I lose my save game?

    No, the uninstaller will not remove your save game. You can delete it manually if you like.

    Do I need to install DirectX?

    The game does require DirectX to be installed. You can download DirectX for free from Microsoft here.

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